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Gospel Manna
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Services From the Gospel Arts Manna

How Can Gospel Arts Manna Serve You and What is Our Mission?

By providing gospel soloists, instrumentalist, bands, drama and choirs for your wedding or fundraising event.

We run community gospel choirs where community members are invited to come along and learn to sing gospel for free.

We provide gospel film-makers, oil painters, african artists, playwrights, photographers, web-designers and children’s story-tellers.

We provide a platform for Christian art (usually items made for special events) deserving of public display.

As a resource centre which includes media training packs, art organisations directory and a database of Christian Artistes.

We promote Chrisitan Artistes of all genre, so home and abroad can benefit from your services and ministry.



To create a safe place where the community can freely express their artistic nature through their form of art in a christian environment.

To be inclusive of all people; all faiths and no faith, special needs, learning difficulties, all ages, all cultures and backgrounds who wish to join a community gospel choir.

To share the experience of the benefits and healing power of gospel singing.

To encourage testimonial sharing of these benefits.

To give training to church ministers and lay workers on how to set up their own genuine community choir.

To educate in the original history of gospel music and its purposes.


Mission Statement

1. To assist Artistes in fulfilling ’The Great Commission’.

2. To cultivate greater respect and appreciation for Christian Art.

3. To assess possible educational, skills and tools needed by members.

4. To promote members’ artistic services subject to committee’s approval.

5. To establish an effective Christian Artists database.

6. To support new Artistes in establishing their ministry.

7. To open doors for members who wish to minister abroad.

8. To highlight the benefits of spiritual arts and

9. To increase vocational activities.

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